Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker is an American Euroleague player. Discover everything about him, including his height, family, jersey, shoes, and salary.
Jabari Parker
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Biography of Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker is an American basketball player who plays in the Euroleague as a strong-winger. He was born on March 15, 1995 in Chicago, USA. His height is 2m03. He currently plays for FC Barcelona.


Jabari Parker’s parents are Sonny and Lola Parker. Sonny, his father, was a former NBA player. While Lola, his mother, played a crucial role in his upbringing and support. Jabari’s early coaches and mentors often described him as a talented, hard-working player with a combination of physical skills and game intelligence. Outside of basketball, Jabari is known for his commitment to community and educational activities, including his faith as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This facet of his personality distinguishes him not only as an athlete, but also as an individual invested in his community and personal convictions.

Successive teams

Chicago native Jabari Parker began his impressive basketball career at Duke University, where he quickly established himself as one of the most promising players in the country. At Duke, he demonstrated exceptional talent, captivating the attention of NBA fans and scouts with his remarkable performances.

After his successful stint at Duke, Parker was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA, where he began his professional career. With the Bucks, he showed flashes of his superstar potential, although injuries hampered his progress. Despite these challenges, Parker continued to work hard to improve and remain an important contributor on the court.

Parker then joined the Chicago Bulls, adding an emotional chapter to his career by playing for his hometown team. His time in Chicago was marked by highs and lows, reflecting the competitive and demanding nature of the NBA.

Parker went on to play for several other teams, including the Washington Wizards and the Atlanta Hawks, bringing his experience and skills to each team. At every stage, he demonstrated his resilience and commitment to the game, showing professionalism and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Throughout his NBA career, Jabari Parker has maintained a reputation as a talented, hard-working player, always ready to contribute to the team. His career path, from Chicago to Duke and through various NBA teams, bears witness to his passion for basketball and his determination to excel at the highest level.

Style of play

Jabari Parker, renowned for his offensive talent and versatility, has distinguished himself as a dynamic, all-round player. A native of Chicago, he has developed a style of play influenced by the city’s rich basketball culture, combining physical strength, scoring ability and versatile playmaking skills.

On offense, Parker stands out for his ability to score in a variety of ways. Able to play as a wing or strong wing, he uses his size and strength to dominate near the basket, but also possesses an effective mid-range shot. His post-up moves, combined with his ability to create his own shot, make him a constant threat on offense.

Although injuries have impacted his career, Parker has shown a notable ability to come back and adapt. His offensive game remains his strong point, with an ability to contribute significantly to his team’s scoring.

On defense, although not known primarily for his defensive abilities, Parker has worked to improve this aspect of his game, using his size and understanding of the game to defend effectively against players at various positions.

Parker is also a capable passer, using his vision of the game to find teammates in favorable positions. His style of play, combining versatile scoring and game intelligence, makes him a valuable player, able to adapt to his team’s needs and contribute in a variety of ways on the court.

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Jabari Parker’s salary

In 2024, Jabari Parker earns between 1.2 and 1.8 million euros a year with FC Barcelona. This is not far off his NBA emoluments over the last two years with the Boston Celtics. Over the course of his Big League career, Parker has earned a total of almost $57 million.

Highlights of Jabari Parker

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