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The 2025 Euroleague Final Four is the most anticipated European basketball event of the next year. The top four teams of the championship compete during a legendary weekend. In fact, each winner of the playoff quarterfinals qualifies for this major four-team final.

Location of the 2025 Euroleague Final Four

Each year, the Euroleague Final Four takes place on neutral ground. The location is usually decided a year in advance by the competition organizer. In 2024, Berlin was chosen to host the Final Four. For 2025, Barcelona is currently the leading candidate. However, no official announcement has been made yet. As with every edition, the atmosphere at the Euroleague Final Four 2025 promises to be exceptional with thousands of enthusiastic fans.

Date of the 2025 Euroleague Final Four

Every year, the Euroleague Final Four takes place in May. It is usually held a few weeks after the quarterfinals. In 2025, the Euroleague F4 will be held on a weekend, but the exact date has not yet been revealed. Note that a rest day is given to the teams between the semifinals and the final.

Teams Qualified for the 2025 Euroleague Final Four

Since the 2024-2025 season has not yet begun, it is impossible to predict with certainty which clubs will participate in the Euroleague Final Four 2025. We will have to wait for the outcome of the playoff quarterfinals to know the names of the qualified teams. However, here are the four teams that competed in the Euroleague Final Four 2024.


Panathinaikos made a strong comeback to the EuroLeague Final Four 2024. After a twelve-year absence, this legendary team aimed for a new title and achieved its goal! Under the guidance of Ergin Ataman, they overcame a fierce series against Maccabi Tel Aviv. With a decisive victory of 81 to 72, Panathinaikos qualified for Berlin. Their winning streak at the end of the regular season was exceptional, winning 17 of their last 21 games. Kostas Sloukas’s Final Four experience was crucial in their title quest.


The Greek team qualified for its third consecutive Final Four. After a very close series against FC Barcelona, Olympiakos aimed for the ultimate European title. However, they failed at the semifinal stage against Real Madrid.


Fenerbahce reached the Euroleague Final Four after a five-year absence. They defeated Monaco in five games, winning two away games after overtime. The Istanbul team, coached by Saras Jasikevicius, finished sixth in the regular season. Their playoff journey was impressive. However, Fenerbahce’s hopes of lifting the trophy were dashed in the semifinals against Panathinaikos.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid, the 2023 champions, reached the Euroleague Final Four for the third consecutive time. After a dominant season, they swept Baskonia in the quarterfinals. The Madrid team aimed for a rare double. Despite a strong start in the first quarter of the final, Real Madrid collapsed in the second half against Panathinaikos.

Ticket Prices for the 2025 Euroleague Final Four

As every year, the 2025 edition of the Euroleague Final Four will be sold out. It will take only a few hours for the thousands of tickets to sell out, despite not being cheap. In 2024, tickets ranged from 225 to 515 euros. With the announcement of the last qualified teams, tickets should become available from the fans of the eliminated teams. The resale market will be booming. You will need to be quick and not hesitate to get the last available tickets. Given that demand far exceeds supply for this international event, ticket prices are quite high. As a reference, it will cost at least 400 euros to attend the two semifinals. Only day passes will be sold, allowing you to attend both matches of the day. The same system applies for Sunday, which will feature the final after the third-place match.

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