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Tickets - Final Four Euroleague
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All to know about the Euroleague Final Four 2023 tickets

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The Euroleague Final Four is Europe’s most anticipated basketball event of the year. The four best teams in the championship will compete during an anthology weekend.

Euroleague 2023 Final Four Venue

Each year, the Final Four Euroleague is held on neutral ground. The location is generally decided one year in advance by the competition organizer. In 2023, Kaunas has been chosen to be the host city of the Final Four. The teams will play for the title in the beautiful Zalgirio Arena. This arena has a capacity of 15,000 people. The atmosphere promises to be exceptional with thousands of surexcited fans.

Date of the Euroleague 2023 Final Four

Every year, the Euroleague Final Four takes place in the month of May. It is often a few weeks apart from the progress of the playoff quarter-finals. In 2023, the F4 Euroleague will take place on May 19 and 21. A day of rest is granted to the teams between the semi-finals and the final.

Teams qualified for the Euroleague Final Four 2023

Here are the teams participating in the Final Four Euroleague 2023.

FC Barcelona

Barça is the first team to qualify for the Euroleague Final Four. This institution of Catalan basketball is a great regular at this competition. FC Barcelona appears almost every year as one of the favorites for the title of champion. In 2023, she finished the regular season in second place. In the quarter-finals, Nikola Mirotic and his teammates made short work of Zalgiris Kaunas. This opponent dreamed of playing a Final Four at home… This will ultimately not be the case.

The other qualified teams

The other three qualified teams will be known this Wednesday, May 10, 2023. At the time of writing, AS Monaco Basket, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Real Madrid, Partizan Belgrade, Olympiakos and Fenerbahce are in race.

Ticket prices for the 2023 Euroleague Final Four

As every year, the 2023 edition of the Euroleague Final Four will take place behind closed doors. It only took a few hours for the thousands of places on the market to find takers. And this, despite prices not really cheap. Judge for yourself: you had to spend between 225 and 515 euros to get an entrance ticket.

With the announcement of the last qualified teams for the Euroleague Final Four, places should be freed up with fans of the eliminated teams. The resale market is therefore going to be in full swing. You will have to be quick and not skimp on tickets to get the last places available. The demand being much higher than the offer to attend this international event, the price of the tickets is quite high. As an indication, it will cost you a minimum of 400 euros to attend the two semi-finals. Only day passes are sold. These make it possible to go to the two matches of the day. It’s the same system for the day on Sunday, which will see the grand final played after the third place match.

Euroleague Final Four tickets – semi finals

Euroleague Final Four tickets – final + 3rd place game

Accommodation in Kaunas

Staying in Kaunas on the sidelines of the Final Four is far from easy. Most establishments are already full. Otherwise they offer a service at exorbitant prices. In fact, hotels are taking advantage of the city’s enormous attractiveness during this weekend to drive up prices. Living on site an Euroleague Final Four being an unforgettable experience, many fans have made a financial sacrifice. This is the price to pay for attending such an event!

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