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Once the season is over, it’s time for American basketball players to come home and enjoy a well-deserved break. First, when folding their bags and leaving their home where they have spent the last eight or nine months, players realize that their bags are usually heavier than when they arrived.

« Most of the times I bring back a souvenir for my family so they can see exactly where I have been. Other than that I bring back everything that I bought », says Toddrick Gotcher. Once seated on the plane back home, the majority of athletes will then go on vacation abroad, or in their own country to enjoy time with family and friends. However, the break with basketball is never too long, the time to get back to work to improve and become better arrives very quickly.« In the offseason, I typically take about two weeks off to go see family and spend time with my loved ones. Maybe I take a trip with my wife to get away from everything and relax. But after that, I get right back to the grind going back to my university to train at those facilities. They welcome me back year after year to train with the guys to get better every day », adds Gotcher, a former Texas Tech University student.

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