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Like any young basketball fan around the world, Americans dream of NBA, the most prestigious basketball competition. Nowadays, The game is international and the competition is so tough, the basketball players who are not retained by one of the thirty franchises of the NBA at the end of their college experience have no other solution than to leave the United States if they really want to earn enough money to live from playing basketball.

« My entire life growing up I always wanted to play basketball professionally. The day I really knew I wanted to play basketball overseas was my junior year in college. I saw some teammates from my university go play overseas making some good money, so that was the reason I wanted to continue playing overseas to have a better life for my wife and me », exposes Toddrick Gotcher, before explaining how he got his first job in Europe. « I got my first contract by speaking to many agents after my career was done in college. I ended up signing with a good agency and his contacts and some of my connections that I had got me my first professional contract. I was excited about starting my professional career because that is what I dreamed of as a child ».

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