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A professional basketball life abroad offers a lot of free time, apart from practices and games. If a party is to be devoted to rest to facilitate recovery and avoid injury, athletes still have several hours to live each day. This free time, basketball players use it differently and it according to different criteria more or less related, such as the age, the maturity, and especially the tastes of each one. Generally, it seems that video games and movies are, or rather were, favorite pastimes in basketball players surveyed. It must be said that it is a means of entertainment easily accessible and very attractive, allowing to kill the time solo or between teammates during travel for example. Reading books is a more rewarding activity and is more popular with experienced basketball players.

« Earlier in my career, I watched a lot of movies and played video games. As I got older, I learned more and wanted to utilize my time better. I started to read more and watch YouTube videos for substance and knowledge. Now I have inquired about investments and business management », expresses Frank Hassell, a very strong pivot rebounder.

Same story on the side of his compatriot Toddrick Gotcher. « My free time was very useful. I tried to use my time to read books, watch Netflix, or play video games. It really was not much to do during the free time, except for these things. But now I dedicate my time to reading many books and gaining knowledge on subjects that I like to read about ».

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