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In about 90% of cases, Americans land alone in Europe at the beginning of the season. Depending on their family situation (single, couple, married, etc.), their lifestyle and their income, they are sometimes joined by one or more members of their family when they obtain a visa, and that the player’s income alone can support the couple and/or the whole family.
It is indeed complicated for their partner to find a job in a country where she does not speak the language and whose future of their husband is uncertain. Knowing that the personal fulfillment of the players’ companions is important and often goes through a professional activity, their situation may not be obvious. When they go overseas with their husbands, they stay mostly alone at home in a foreign country when players are traveling (2 to 5 times a month for two to three days each time). The shock can be brutal.

Moreover, in the case where the couple have children, it is not always easy for them to integrate an American school abroad. There is not one in every city, and registration for this kind of infrastructure has a significant financial cost. For a young child, it is also a complete change of environment in which it is possible that he will encounter problems of adaptation. In other cases, children stay in the United States to get an education in their home country.

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