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Young american basketball player who grew up in one of the most dangerous places in the United States, point guard Roy Jackson Jr has recently signed his first professional contract in Europe. An impressive path for this man who will now live his passion, after having knew many galleys. To inspire people and especially youngest, he had the original idea to trace his life through a poignant documentary that will soon emerge. We went to meet him to learn more about him and his project.

3PTSHOT: Can you introduce yourself?
Roy Jackson Jr: My name is Roy Jackson Jr, I am 24 years old. 6’2 175 pound point guard. I first touched a basketball at 4 years old when my mother (Delois Jackson) and father (Roy “Teddy” Jackson) put the ball in my crib as a young toddler. I grew up on the North Side of Flint witch is one of the most dangerous cities in america. Growing up my favorite player was my father (Teddy Jackson) he’s a legend that came out of Flint Northwestern High School back in 1979 but I loved watching and studying players such as Allen Iverson, Steve Francis and Kobe Bryant as I got older. I always believe my 5 P’s Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance Coach Derrick Owens Sr instilled that in me when I attended Grand Rapids Community College.

3PTSHOT: What is your background in basketball so far?
Roy Jackson Jr: I started my basketball career at Flint Hamady Community High School playing Varsity Basketball for the Hawks all 4 years. Then I maintain a basketball scholarship to play for Grand Rapids Community College for 2 years to work on my skills and become a better player. I then attended University of Arkansas Pine Bluff for a semester before I left to play in the All In Sports Summer League in Trieste, Italy. I’ve played Semi Professional since 2014 playing with various teams such as Chicago Steam, Motor City Firebirds, Flint Chargers and this past season I played in the New Era Basketball Association with the Vehicle City Royals. It’s been a long journey but all my hard work is starting to pay off.

3PTSHOT: In less than 2 weeks, you’ll know your first professional experience abroad in Germany specifically. What do you expect about it ? And what is your feeling about that signature?
Roy Jackson Jr: I hear a lot of great things about Germany as a country and I know they love the game of basketball. I expect my journey to Germany to be a wonderful experience. I love traveling the world and meeting new people and learning a new culture and living a dream as a professional basketball player. My mindset is to work on my game everyday with the team and individually and bring a championship back to Eriskirch. And signing a contract in Europe is a wonderful feeling because it gets my my professional career started, I was excited when I first signed it, it seem like a dream come true I’m glad the opportunity had came my agent BJ Benning always told me to work on my game your time will come, and it has came and I can’t wait to leave in 2 weeks and get my journey started. It’s a blessing.

3PTSHOT: You will also launch very soon your own documentary, named « From the hood to the Hardwood ». What are his main subjects?
Roy Jackson Jr: I’m coming out with my documentary called “From the hood to the Hardwood” shot and directed by Jermaine Davis and Nicholas Ferguson witch is a motivational/Inspirational film about me and the obstacles I’ve over come to be an professional athlete. I talk about how Flint is the 7th most dangerous city in America and the water crisis those are two of the main things that’s going on right now. But it shows you if you have a dream chase it no matter how long it takes it can come true with hard work and dedication. I recently launched “A day with Roy Episode 2” it’s a short clip with me working on my craft also going around talking to the kids in the community about goals and dreams and how to accomplish them and being on a local tv show called Inside the Haven.

« A film about me and the obstacles I’ve over come to be an professional athlete »

3PTSHOT: What kind of people will we see on the documentary ? Coachs, teammates, family, friends, etc. ?
Roy Jackson Jr: In the documentary film you will see former coaches, family, friends, school board members and people who watched me grow and work on my game since I was a child.

3PTSHOT: Where will be broadcast « From the hood to the Hardwood » ? On a TV channel ?
Roy Jackson Jr: It’ll be broadcast on YouTube, at many Film Festivals and I’m working on trying to get it on ESPN 30 for 30 and E:60 and other known networks around the world so everyone can hear my message and hopefully it can touch others to chase their dreams as well.

3PTSHOT: How this idea of creating a documentary came to you?
Roy Jackson Jr: The idea came to me when Jermaine was filming our practice and he noticed how I had a strong fan base on social media and how everyone looks up to me as a individual on and off court. It first started off as “Roy Jackson” all access when I played for the Vehicle City Royals then he told me I should tell my story about basketball. I got the name from my father because I started off bouncing a ball in a rough neighbor hood at a local park called Gundry but managed to stay focused to play on some great high school and collocate courts.

3PTSHOT: What are your goals for your pro career and your expectations about the documentary?
Roy Jackson Jr: My goals for my professional career is to become a phenomenal International player win a few championships and hopefully further my basketball career in the NBA in the next couple years. And my expectations about my documentary is to touch individuals around the world and show them it’s not where you come from its about your work ethic, you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. So I hope by me telling my story can help others fulfill their dream as well. Like I always say I’m just a kid from Flint that’s turning dreams into reality.

From the Hood 2 The Hardwood trailer

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