Discover Mychael Hearn, a talented free agent who has dynamite in his legs

Looking for a new opportunity overseas, american guard Mychael Hearn really has athleticism qualities above average people. During his college years, he also had a great progression with good statistics (9.2 points and 3.7 rebounds per game) and impressed a lot of people in NCAA D2. For sure, an european team can be interested by services of this showman, which can lift the crowd with an amazing dunk. He tells us his story.

“For being 6’2″ I have a 6′ 7″ wingspan”

« My name is Mychael Hearn, I’m 26 years old I’m from San Bernardino, Ca.
My style of play is too attack the rim and to be aggressive, I can finish through contact. Great on/off the ball defender. For my size I rebound the ball extremely well. Can come the screen and knock down the open shot or I can turn the corner and dunk on someone. I’m a good set shooter. I can create my own shot off the dribble or create for my teammates. I’m better catching the ball on the wing and attacking the rim. I am a student of the game I am willing to work when people are sleep. For being 6’2″ I have a 6′ 7″ wingspan. Very athletic and competitive.
I love dunking the ball so attacking the rim any way possible so that I can try and dunk on someone, that’s my favorite move.

“I came from a Juco to a D2”

College basketball was a great time for me I felt like I had something to prove so everyday I played the game like it was my last. I came from a Juco to a D2 so not to many people knew who I was so I wanted to make a statement and make sure people remembered me, by work extremely hard and helping my team win games.

“I’m looking to get back overseas”

Then, playing pro in Panama was a great experience, I really enjoyed playing there. I actually learned a lot playing there about how the overseas game is a lot different from playing in the states. After playing in Panama I have been receiving emails from different people about different opportunities.

“I workout daily, sometimes twice a day”

Now, I’m looking to get back overseas and play make a name for myself. I think playing in Europe will definitely be a great situation for me I would love to learn more and get the opportunity to play and show people that I’m capable of playing. I workout daily sometimes twice a day I’m eating healthy making sure that I’m ready if someone gives me a call. I can bring Heart and passion to a team. My main qualities are working very hard on defense I take pride in playing good defense, also attaching the rim as a guard I attack. I’m extremely hard on offense and on the rebounds ».

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