Dee Bost : “I have so much to prove in Europe”

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The American-Bulgarian point guard Dee Bost (6’2, 27 years old), who currently plays in Monaco, has already achieve a lot of great things in Europe. But, as he said us in the interview below, he still wants more!

Can you introduce yourself?
Hello I’m Dee Bost.

Where and when did you started playing basketball?
I started playing basketball when I was 4 years old at the boys and girls club in my concord, Nc.

You played both american football and basketball with a lot of success when you were in high school. You made history with your school, winning the North Carolina State title in those two sports during the same year. Was it a difficult choice finally to choose basketball?
When I was in high school I played both sports. It wasn’t difficult to choose basketball, I figured since I was so small I could do more with basketball.

Then, you attended a Prep School and again, you had a wonderful basketball season, leading your team to the National Prep Championship title with no defeat. Was it incredible? What are your memories of that time?
Yes I went to hargrave military academy it was difficult for me adjusting to the strict rules, but I made it through. We won the prep school national title beating some good teams . I remember in the tournament scoring 30+ in one of the games . It was funny because one person said I had 44 and one said I had 36 so I was confused trying to figure out how many I had.

After playing for the Mississippi State Bulldogs (NCAA D1), you started your pro basketball career in 2012, in Montenegro, and you won the championship during your first season over there. Firstly, after college, did you had any others options overseas? Then, how was that season? Did you learned how to play the european game or that wasn’t difficult for you to adapt during the first time you came in Europe?
I had other options to play in Europe. Buducnost was eurocup so for my first year out it was huge to play in that type of competition. At first, it was hard for me to adjust to the game. The traveling violation was the hardest for me because you had to put the ball down immediately before you took a step. Playing in college I literally would take off before I put the ball down. Haha

The following season, you came back in the States and tried to get a contract into the NBA, but you finally played and dominated into the D-League. Few months later, you tried again to join the NBA through the summer league and training camp, without success. How difficult is it to go to the NBA? Do you know why the GMs never gave you your chance during the regular season?
I went to the D-league and did everything I had to do. I tried making the NBA NUMEROUS OF TIMES, it just didn’t work out for me. It’s a thin line of making it to the NBA, I have no regrets I tried now I’m blessed to be playing in Europe.

Meanwhile, you also played in Venezuela, whose championship is not very well known. How was the experience?
My experience in Venezuela was amazing. The basketball and the fans there are great.

Since the 2014-15 season, you always stayed in Europe and during your career, wherever you went, you were successful. With Trabzonspor in Turkey, you reach the 2015 EuroChallenge final even if you lost at the ultimate second against the french team Nanterre and your current teammate Jamal Shuler, who was named the Final Four MVP. In 2016, you won the playoffs in Poland and you had been named the finals MVP. And this season, with Monaco in France, you get the bronze medal in the BCL, and you already won the Leaders Cup as well as the french Pro A regular season. How do you feel in Europe? Do you think you still have things to prove?
Yes since I went to turkey I have been playing in Europe every year. In turkey with trabzonspor we went to the euro challenge championship game. Nanterre beat us it was hard to get over, but then we made it to the semi finals in turkey. Right now in Monaco we have accomplished a little, I say only a little because we have to win the championship to validate everything so we have a tough task. We have to be ready and focused. I have so much to prove in Europe.

“I just want to be a winner and win championships”

Dee Bost 3ptshot

During the current season, Barcelona tried to recruit you. What does it do to be desired by an european powerhouse club like this?
To have any euroleague team recruit anyone is a blessing.

Being a star in Euroleague is the next step?
Being successful and healthy is always key for me. If I can work my way to being a European star I will be happy. I just want to be a winner and win championships.

Vincent Collet, the Strasbourg and french NT coach, just compared you as the european Russell Westbrook. Do you agree with him? Do you like this comparaison?
The comparison is a good thing for me. Westbrook is one of the top players in the world . I appreciate the comparison. I hope it was a good comparison lol. He’s one of the greats in France so his word is very respected. I like the comparison.

You recently said on twitter that during the french playoffs, which start in a few days, you will not be on social medias. What are the benefits of this experience? Have you ever tried something similar in the past?
Once the playoffs start I will be off all social media, I can stay focused that way. Focus on improving and trying to win a championship. Last year I was on social media but I really wasn’t posting things and it helped me just focus.

As a pro athlete, how are you using the social medias?
As a pro athlete I’m really just using social media to give the fans and people a inside look on how I think sometimes on twitter lol. I go on my twitter rants sometimes just cause I’m bored or mad. Mostly it’s all for fun.

To conclude, what are your expectations for the future?
My expectations for the future is to win a championship this season. Which means take it one game at a time. Don’t look to far ahead. Also to remain healthy.

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