Coronavirus: What to do during the lockdown?

coronavirus - what to do?

The coronavirus currently affects almost the entire planet. In USA or even almost everywhere overseas, in many other countries, we are all invited to stay confined to our home so as not to catch or transmit the virus. The basketball championships are logically stopped in the world, except in a few countries where the organizers of the competitions nevertheless decided to continue their activities.

These upcoming weeks without any sport event are like the summer break, where all national competitions are stopped. Except that in summer, there are international competitions for national teams. In addition, usually, the activity of the teams and NBA franchises has not been completely stopped because the free agency takes place during this period.

Basketball stalled out due to coronavirus

To date, basketball fans have reasons to be bored. They have no information about moves or players contract extension. As a result, they can hardly debate amongst themselves about the main movements of their favorite team (s). Sports news is at a standstill, or almost. The main subjects of the specialized media concern the impact of the covid-19 on the continuation or not of the various championships. The possible dates of return to the competition, the return to their country of foreign players and the screening of basketball players affected by the coronavirus in the United States are also mentioned.

In this difficult time for everyone and at every level (economic, psychological, physical, etc.), has tried to put together a non-exhaustive list of fun activities that you can do from home.

Highlights, books, games replay, video games

– Keep a physical activity. This is good for psychological health. It is impossible to practice basketball in a room or on a playground. Indeed, the sports facilities are closed until further notice. However, nothing prevents you from doing some dribbling and shooting if you have a stable surface and a basketball hoop in your garden.

– Watch highlights of your favorite players, or past games. The YouTube platform is full of them. The NBA offered you the NBA League Pass for 30 days, which allows you to view all the NBA games played in the current and past season.

– Read books related to basketball (autobiographies of athletes and coaches, training guides, quality e-books), or older articles. For people who likes to read a lot, this may be the alternative way to educate yourself and continue reading during this dearth of information.

– Play basketball video games. NBA 2K20 sales and the number of connected players will certainly explode during this period of health crisis. If everyone has to stay at home, video games are a pleasant pastime. We do not see hours go by sitting in front of a screen, and with a controller in hands. Be careful not to stay frozen too long in front of your TV. Remember to take some breaks to avoid overheating your device or headache.

If you have any other solutions to keep busy during this time without games or basketball news, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments. This will help other basketball fans like you to feel less lonely and bereft of activity during these difficult times.

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