Cor-J Cox : “In my 6 years, I’ve seen 9 countries”

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American forward Cor-J Cox (6’5”, 27 years old) tells his basketball story.

Can you introduce yourself?
Hello! My Name Is Cor-J Cox, 27 years old, Professional Basketball Player.

How did you started playing basketball?
Growing up in the country I didn’t have much to do so I used my mind to have fun. My aunt and grandparents brought me a basketball around 7-8 years old.

What was your basketball path when you grew up? Where did you played?
I didn’t take it serious until one day I got tired of my older cousins dunking on my rim. So I started playing with them everyday and learning moves from watching them and NBA on tv. I tried out for Middle school basketaball made the team but was horrible. I worked on my game for my last middle school year and had a great 1 semester before I let my grades decline in school. From then I took being a student serious and made sure in high school my grades were great. Played basket 2 years at Northside High School and 2 years at Washington High. My Senior year of high school I didn’t know what was next, so my AAU coaches Needham Cheely & Darnell Matthews put trust in believing in my game and playing with coach Matthews landed me a scholarship to Olney Central College in Illinois. Played 1 season there and went to Mississippi Valley State 3 years. Senior college I was back at square one with my choices of what’s next and told myself I could travel the world doing what I love if I don’t get a NBA shot. Which I took that route to play my first season in Austria. Finland was a great season and my last season in France was a great experience. I had agents that trusted in me would let me know about jobs and I would make the choice. In my 6 years I’ve seen 9 countries which is a blessing coming from where I came from. It’s motivation for me and people to know anything is possible if you push yourself.

How is life overseas?
Overseas life is different in many ways of you’ve never been away from home. I’ve been around players who enjoyed being away and some that wasn’t able to adapt to the environments. Basketball is basketball in my eyes, it’s talents in all countries.

What about the differences between playing in a minor league in the states and pro ball overseas?
Minor league in USA is highly competitive plus it’s more Americans hungry to play overseas and make a name for themselves. In the minor league with one of the best teams in NC (NC Coyotes) losing to Baltimore hawks in the championship.

You are currently playing in Palestine, which is really an atypical destination for playing basketball. How it works? Are the players all professionals? Are there any other American or foreign basketball players playing in your team? How long is the season? Are there any playoffs?
Palestine maybe atypical to some but in a few years they league will be a great starter for rookies coming out of college. Yes there’s pros here that played in various places. I played against the best Palestinian player last night and his team was solid. We lost by 6 but the game was awesome and competitive. Yea I have a teammate from Jordan that played in China a few years. My team is named Bethlehem Islamic club a new team in the superleague. We are making a name for ourselves after we finished in this tournament 3-2 and playing the best game in the tournament we will have a great season. It’s 12 teams in the league we play each other 2 times and then playoffs. Season end in December.

How did you get the opportunity to play in Palestine?
I sent my basketball resume out to various teams, agents, and groups and my job found me.

What are your goals for the future?
My future goals is to play at the highest level of basketball whether NBA or Euroleague I will be playing and doing what I love doing. Build a family and fanbase in every continent and just enjoy what God gave me to make a living.

I let you to conclude the interview the way you want.
In life there will be obstacles and sacrifices made to do what you see will help you in life. I chose basketball and made sacrifices that kept me away from my daughters and loved ones. I lost one of my best friends while being in Palestine. My grandmother was one of my main reasons of picking a basketball up. I want to say I miss you Grandma Clara and my father Lamont Green. Thank you to all my family and friends for the support and encouragement while I’m away from home. I will continue my journey with my head high and overcome each and every obstacle.

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