Carlos García : « I had the opportunity to play for my country »

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Born in 1995, Carlos García Carrascal is a spanish big men who is currently playing in the United States for his college years. We met him to learn more about him and his career.

3PTSHOT: When and where did you started playing basketball ?
Carlos García: I started playing when I was 9 years old in my hometown.

3PTSHOT: You are born and you grew up in Sevilla. What can you say about the city and club ?
Carlos García: Sevilla is the most beautiful city in the world. Everybody loves Sevilla. Also, Sevilla has a great and long history. The only problem of Sevilla is that soccer is very important for everybody, so basketball is less important. But with the years, basketball is getting more important.

3PTSHOT: In 2011, you played with Spain U16 national team and you won bronze medal. How was the experience ?
Carlos García: It was one of the best experience of my life, I got the opportunity to play for my country and to play against the best european players of my age.

3PTSHOT: Only few years ago, you played with Kristaps Porzingis (New York Knicks) and against Mario Hezonja (Orlando Magic), two europeans phenomenon of the NBA. How were they comparing the other players of their age ?
Carlos García: Mario was the best player of Europe when we were under 18, nobody could stop him. He was very good and very smart. Nowadays, Kristaps is the best european player of my age, he is so tall and so good. He worked so much in Seville to be the player he is today, he got so much better and he earned it.

“I have to say that USA is a lot different than Europe and Spain”

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3PTSHOT: Since 2014, you are a member of Northwest Nazarene University in the United States. Why did you chose to play in NCAA D2 than stay in Spain and improve with a professional team ?

Carlos García: I went to the States because in Spain it is impossible to play in a high level team and study college at the same time. But in the US that is very easy and it is a good opportunity to get a free education.

3PTSHOT: What can you tell us about your experience in USA ? How is it doing ?
Carlos García: I have to say that USA is a lot different than Europe and Spain. Another way to play basketball, another language…. but you can get use to it very easy if you have good people around you.

3PTSHOT: What are you expectations for the next season ?
Carlos García: For next season, my only expectations are to be healthy, and to be able to play the whole season.

3PTSHOT: What is your pro career plan ?
Carlos García: If I am honest, right now, I dont think about the pro career plan because I still have a couple years to finish college. We will see in the future.

3PTSHOT: As a spanish international player, can you say something about the basketball rivalry between France NT vs Spain NT ?
Carlos García: I think that between players there is not a big rivalry, but between the fans it’s completely different, because fans are crazy. I never had any problems playing against France, they are great players.

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