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The best basketball shoes in 2023

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The market for basketball shoes is huge. Every year, it weighs billions of euros in turnover. We present to you in this post the best basketball shoes in 2023.

The best Nike basketball shoes in 2023

Nike basketball shoes are favorites of NBA basketball players. But also many amateur practitioners! Their design and the quality of the materials used to make these sneakers are their main strength. Together with its subsidiary Jordan Brand, Nike basketball flies above the competition. Adidas, Under Armor or even Puma shoes are relegated far behind.

World leader in the sports shoe market, the comma firm therefore equips more than 90% of basketball players around the world. The American giant is under contract with several of the best basketball players on the planet in 2023. The list of NBA players sponsored by Nike is long. Athletes who own their own signature model of footwear is nevertheless much shorter. They can be counted on the fingers of one hand. So we will name them in this article. They are LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Paul George, Kevin Durant and Ja Morant. In total, this five major luxury weighs more than 195 million dollars of NBA contract per year. Moreover, the names of these superstars are also all found in the Top 15 Best Selling NBA Jerseys. As you will have understood, the flagship muses of Nike Basketball shoes weigh heavily economically.

LeBron 20

LeBron James’ Nike basketball shoes are still as successful in 2023. “King James” is contractually bound for life with Nike Basketball. He is the only basketball player who can claim to have initialed this type of contract with the famous comma brand. Like Kobe Bryant, his Nike shoe designs will remain very popular after his basketball career. Buying several pairs today to resell them for double or triple their price in 10 or 15 years is an excellent investment. And this, on condition that they remain intact in their box. Collectors are only interested in non-used of shoes.


Kevin Durant is an elder in the Nike Basketball family. He has had his own line of clothes and shoes for many years. If you play basketball, you’ve probably played with a pair of KDs on your feet. They clearly belong to the best Nike basketball shoes. And it has always been. This is still the case in 2023. Alongside the models presented above, the KD15 is one of the best.

Nike Zoom Freak 4

Giannis Antetokounmpo is the latest brand-sponsored basketball player to have his own model of Nike Basketball shoes. In addition, the Finals MVP and 2021 NBA champion is also the only non-American athlete with this privilege. His Milwaukee Bucks superstar status, the Athens native went for it. His latest signature model, the Nike Zoom Freak 4, is worn by many professional basketball players. And not just in the United States! This is also the case in France and around the world. Aesthetically, the different colors resulting from a collaboration with the UNO game is a real success. If it is not recommended for large pivots, this pair of Nike Basketball shoes does the trick for all other types of player. Many playmakers and guards have made them their favorite pair on the court.

Ja 1

A few hours after the start of its commercialization to the general public, the Ja 1 experienced a shortage of stock. There were clearly more requests than units available. Many fans are therefore looking forward to the next refueling of the Nike store. This should take place in the coming weeks. Check our website regularly to be kept informed of the latest information about the Nike Ja 1.

The Best Jordan Brand Basketball Shoes in 2023

A subsidiary of Nike, Jordan Brand designs high quality basketball shoes. Many NBA basketball players trust this brand. Here are the models currently on the market.

Tatum 1

New to the Jordan collection, a subsidiary of Nike, the Tatum 1 is a great success. Jayson Tatum’s first signature shoe model is in high demand. Several colors have already emerged. NBA superstar, MVP candidate, the Boston Celtics’ main star represents the future of the Big League. His collaboration with Jordan Brand is a success. Icing on the cake: the price of the Tatum 1 is very reasonable. Count 120 euros to acquire this pair of basketball shoes.

Luka 1

Slovenian basketball prodigy Luka Doncic is a global superstar. As one of the best NBA players at just 24 years old, he has his whole future ahead of him. Nike and Jordan sniffed the right shot by signing a multi-year contract with him. His first signature shoe was born almost a year ago. Many basketball players have adopted it on the courts. Very solid, this model meets the main needs of an athlete on a basketball court. This is a safe bet.

Zion 2

Signature shoes of prodigy Zion Williamson, the Zion 2 are available on the official Nike website. They are sold between 120 and 130 euros. 6 different colors are presented. A wide choice is therefore available to you.

Jordan Why Not .6

Worn by Russell Westbrook, this signature model has its suits. Featuring a low upper, it is primarily aimed at explosive playmakers and fullbacks. This is a comfortable pair of sneakers with, as a bonus, a nice design. While waiting for the summer sales, which will probably lower the price of the Jordan Why Not .6, it is marketed at a price of 150 dollars.

Air Jordan 37

The latest model in the Jordan Brand shoe collection, the Air Jordan 37 is present on the feet of a number of NBA basketball players. Including Nicolas Batum, forward for the Los Angeles Clippers and the French team. Before giving way to the Air Jordan 38, a 40% discount is currently applied to this model. This is the perfect timing to take advantage of it.

The best Adidas basketball shoes in 2023

Adidas basketball shoes are moderately popular among athletes. The German firm sponsors some NBA stars. Each year, it designs a new signature model for each of its flagship muses.

Among the sponsored NBA basketball players, James Harden, Damian Lillard, Trae Young and Donovan Mitchell are part of the Adidas family. Small peculiarity: they are all backs or playmakers! Despite his decline in popularity, Derrick Rose also has his own line of shoes. As a reminder, the Chicago native is the youngest MVP in NBA history. His repeated injuries ruined his potential to become one of the best playmakers American basketball has ever known.

In the French Elite Championship, several professional basketball players are contractually equipped by the brand with the three stripes. We can mention Mike James of AS Monaco Basket. But also Juhann Begarin from Paris Basketball. Or Hugo Besson of the Metropolitans 92. They all wear Adidas shoes, among the models presented in this article.

Here are the best Adidas basketball shoes in 2023.

Harden Vol.6

James Harden’s Adidas shoes are still as successful in 2023. The famous bearded man remains one of the best backs in the NBA. Its success and popularity help sell thousands of pairs every year. The characteristics of Harden’s game and his signature shoe designs make them a high performing pair for point guards and guards. This is our favorite of the year! Different colors are available. There is something for every taste.

D.O.N. Issue #4

The shoes designed for Donovan Mitchell are among the most appreciated by basketball players who trust Adidas. Sponsored by the German equipment manufacturer since its debut in the NBA, “Spida” wears models in its image. Its partnership with Adidas is a great success. The sponsorship contract between these two entities has given rise to magnificent results. The various collaborations with Marvel have met with great success.

Transferred from the Utah Jazz to the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer, Donovan Mitchell will continue his career in an ambitious Eastern Conference team. In the sports equipment market, its commercial value could have exploded if it had joined a big market like New York. Either way, his explosive qualities make him one of the most spectacular backs in the Great League.

Trae Young 2

Rising NBA superstar Trae Young looks like Everyman. Compared to the vast majority of his colleagues, his physique is nothing impressive. Measuring 1m85 for 82 kilograms, this young star is a featherweight in the NBA. Nevertheless, he has his hands full of talent. Fast, an excellent shooter and dribbler, the Atlanta Hawks franchise player is the likely successor to Stephen Curry. Holder of the All-Star Game for his second NBA season, Young is full of talent. Adidas sensed his potential and offered him his own signature shoe model at the end of his third season in the League. The official release of his second signature shoe model, the Trae Young 2, is imminent.

Queen 8

Damian Lillard is a safe bet in the NBA. Star of the Portland TrailBlazers since his arrival in the NBA, this former underside player is one of the best in his playing position. In the Adidas range, his shoes are very popular with basketball players. Lillard has signature sneakers in his image. That is to say, original, efficient and elegant! This is enough to make you want to acquire a pair to do battle on the floor with your opponents!

D Rose Son of Chi 2.0

Belonging for a time to the category of the best playmakers in the NBA, Derrick Rose had many qualities. At his peak, he was probably the most explosive point guard in the league. His current statistics do not justify a signature model bearing his image. Nevertheless, his golden contract signed in 2012 with Adidas forces the equipment manufacturer to design a pair in his name every year. The contract between the two parties runs until 2026. Until then, there will probably still be a few sneaker models to see the light of day.

From a quality and performance point of view, Derrick Rose shoes meet consumer expectations. The feet are well protected. The ankles are well maintained. The cushioning is more than adequate. In addition, the design of the pairs is neat.

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