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Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Aramis Martinez and I was born and raised in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. I am 20 years old and love the game of basketball. My dream is to play college basketball in the states. I am working with Coach Sean Mills and Jorge Olivero at Pure Passion Sports Academy in Orlando, Florida, to prepare to play at the collegiate level.

When and how did you start playing basketball?
I have always played basketball in Trujillo Alto, where we are very passionate about the game. I grew up watching the NBA, NCAA, and the local league in my country. I started playing with my older siblings. At 12 years old, I played with Fairview Basketball Club. It was there where I improved my skills. Many of the coaches at Fairview told me that if I continue to work on my game I could be special.

Can you tell us more about your basketball path growing up to now?
I played in many local tournaments in my country. When I was 15, I received a sports scholarship at Jardin De la Merced High School. While playing at Jardin De La Merced we traveled to the states to play in Dallas, Texas. This past year I have been to Orlando, Florida, to compete in AAU tournaments with Coach Jorge and CJ Basketball. Competing in those events gave me the confidence that I can not only play at the college level, but I can be an impact player. I prepare every day for an opportunity from a college as I am willing to play anywhere.

How can you describe your game? What are your main strengths on the court?
I am a point guard who sees everything on the floor on the court. I have a high basketball IQ. My mindset is to make my teammates better. As a point guard, I always look for the best option. On offense, I get open shots for the teammates and I can create my shot. I am also a good three point shooter. I am a good defender and i use my strength and quickness to help me guard taller players. My combination of strength, speed, court vision makes me a good player and I will work and sacrifice to get better at every aspect of the game.

What kind of opportunity are you looking for the next few seasons and your future?
My dream is to have the opportunity to play at the university level. I want to show that I capable of playing at a high level. I know its a process and I trust the process. I am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my dreams.

What do you expect for your College career as an athlete?
I hope is to learn and enjoy the experience of playing at the college level. I want to develop and see if can go to the next level after that. If a university gives me the opportunity I will be grateful and I know that I will make them and my family and friends proud.

To conclude, do you have something else to tell?
I want the world to know that I am a Puerto Rican boy looking to conquer his dreams. I am discipline and work constantly. I trust in God’s plan that my time will come.



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