Aisha Brock: « Pursue my dream of playing pro in Europe »

Aisha Brock (5’6’’, 22 years old) is a young american guard who already has played at high level during her high school and then college years in NCAA D1. Currently a free agent and looking for her first pro contract overseas, there is not doubt that we should see her on european basketball courts in the next few months. We went to met her.

3PTSHOT: You’ve just finished your 4 years at the university. What do you keep in mind from this experience ?
Aisha Brock: My four years at Saint Francis University (SFU) were the best four years of my life so far. I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida and Loretto, Pennsylvania is a small city and hundreds of miles away from home, but being there has taught me so much about myself and has helped me to shape my own perspective of the world around me. I will never forget my first year, it was a complete culture shock for me and a total climate change. It really forced me out of my comfort zone and that is what I have taken with me from my experience at SFU: That becoming complacent in your comfort zone will hinder you from taking chances and risks that help you to find out who you are. I was on my own that first year but my teammates, support from my family, and my faith helped me to persevere through all of my hardships and homesickness. The experience really broadened my horizons. It opened my mind to new cultures from all over the world, different ideas and beliefs, and taught me how to live with and respect those differences.

3PTSHOT: You are also a member of the closed circle of players who totaled more than 1 000 points in Saint Francis University. What is your the feeling about it ?
Aisha Brock: Reaching my 1000th point goal was an awesome achievement and it’s one of the things in my life that I won’t ever forget because ALL of my teammates wanted me to reach it and they pushed me and helped me to reach that goal. The day that I got it, I didn’t celebrate it because we lost the game in the semi-finals, but a week later I was walking to the locker room and I randomly thought Hey, I scored 1,000 points! I got so excited when I thought about it and when I remembered the uproar from my teammates even though we were losing. I was smiling from ear to ear in that hallway and it was just so funny to me because every time I went to the bench I got an update from the team on how close I was, but by the time I actually hit it I had kind of forgotten about it because I was so focused on trying to win.

3PTSHOT: How can you describe your game ?
Aisha Brock: I have always been a hard worker and very coachable because there is always room for improvement. I am very competitive on the floor and I actually love defense. I am a combo guard and a versatile scorer who is willing to work hard every time I step on a court. My junior season I was the 2nd leading scorer and 1st in steals and rebounds (at only 5’6!). I was also a 2 year captain for my team that brought energy and enthusiasm to every practice and every game. I love the game so much and that’s why I am doing everything I can to pursue my dream of playing professionally in Europe.

“I will do what needs to be done for my team to win”

3PTSHOT: How do you explain that you had better individual stats during your junior year in 2014/2015 than your senior year in 2015/2016 ?
Aisha Brock: My junior year I had to be a rebounder, a scorer, a defender, and a distributor and my senior year my coach wanted me to be more of a defensive spark off of the bench to bring energy. So like I said I am very coachable and versatile and I will do what needs to be done for my team to win.

3PTSHOT: You won many great awards few years ago during your high school career with Potter’s House Christian Academy. Can you talk about it and mention memories?
Aisha Brock: Ok, so I am one of those people that love to represent their high school and because of that I have so much Lion pride. I don’t know a better team and school to have played with in high school. My teammates were literally my favorite basketball players because they were top players in the nation that went on to major Division I schools like North Carolina, Pittsburgh, South Florida, etc. We played against the top teams in the United States and won a lot of games. Honestly I have been to just about all of the regions in the U.S. because of traveling in high school. We worked very hard and playing under Coach Tony Bannister is when I realized the difference between just playing basketball and actually being a ball player. He was preparing us for more than just college but also for dealing with real life situations. Being on that team gave me more exposure than I could have ever experienced playing for any other school in Florida and those girls will be my sisters for life.

3PTSHOT: What are your expectations for your professional career?
Aisha Brock: First of all, I want to continue to improve my game and help whatever team I play on to be better and to be winners! I will do whatever it takes to help my team just like I did in college. Once I get the chance to play overseas I won’t take it for granted. I have talked with many athletes that have gone pro overseas including TJ Bannister and Alexandra Williams. They have shown me from their own success that it is not an easy job and that as a player I have to work even harder than I did before. I am willing to and I want to give it all I’ve got to be just as successful as I have been in my career thus far. I know that this is a whole other level up from college and I want to push myself and my teammates so that we can be the best that we can be. I believe that I can be an asset to any team whether they need a scorer, distributor, or a consistent role player. I believe that everyone on a team is just as important as the star and it takes everyone to play together to reach the same goal.

3PTSHOT: Have you ever traveled abroad for basketball?
Aisha Brock: My first experience of playing abroad was while I was attending Saint Francis University. It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. We went on a tour to Italy and it was so beautiful and the whole time I was there I couldn’t believe that I was. That experience is what has also influenced me even more to play in Europe. It was an awesome opportunity for my team and me. It’s so cool to think how basketball has taken me so many places that I would have never gotten the chance to experience at this age.

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