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Key dates of the 2024-2025 NBA season schedule

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As the 2024 NBA playoffs heat up, the next NBA season is already promising to be thrilling. We will especially experience the second season of the prodigy Victor Wembanyama with the Spurs! Additionally, it will probably be one of the last years of the legendary LeBron James in the North American championship. Here are the key dates of the NBA 2025 schedule:

Summer 2024: Official Announcement of the NBA 2024-2025 Schedule

The NBA will reveal the official schedule for the 2024-2025 season during the summer. With the Olympic Games taking place in Paris between late July and early August, we can expect an announcement in the days following this major sporting event. To be among the first alerted about the NBA 2025 schedule and get match tickets at the best price, feel free to enter your email address in the form at the bottom of the page. We will send you an alert as soon as the information is known.

October: NBA 2024-2025 Preseason

As every year, the 30 NBA teams will have three weeks to prepare for the season. The schedule includes several friendly matches for each team. The NBA preseason is an opportunity for American basketball to go international. Thus, the Denver Nuggets and the Boston Celtics will face each other twice at the Etihad Arena on October 4 and 6, 2024, during the NBA Abu Dhabi Games. Canadian fans will also enjoy the NBA Canada Series.

Late October: Opening Games of the 2024-2025 NBA Season

The NBA season should start with a bang with several explosive duels between some of the best teams in the championship. The opening night is always a highly anticipated and prized evening for basketball fans. Although the identities of the teams are not yet known, we could see the Los Angeles Lakers, the Denver Nuggets, the Boston Celtics, or the Golden State Warriors.

nba 2024 - 2025 schedule - regular season

NBA Mexico City Game 2024

Latin America is a major market that the NBA continues to explore. While we await the possible creation of an NBA franchise in Mexico in the future, the league has been organizing a regular-season game there every year since 2022! The elite of American basketball will return to Mexico City in 2024. However, the matchups are not yet known.

In-Season Tournament 2024: A New Addition to the NBA Schedule

In 2023, the NBA introduced a tournament within the regular season. Its name? The In-Season Tournament! Despite initial doubts, the first edition was a success. The semi-finals and finals are held in Las Vegas. This competition will be renewed in 2024. Additionally, new rules might be introduced. We eagerly await Adam Silver’s announcements on this topic. Who will succeed the Los Angeles Lakers, last year’s In-Season Tournament champions?

Christmas Games of the 2024-2025 NBA Season

Every year at Christmas, the NBA offers classics and dream matchups to delight its fans. December 25, 2024, should be no exception. The holiday season is an opportunity for families to gather, and for some, to take a trip to the United States. The luckiest ones will have the chance to attend an NBA game during their stay.

NBA Paris Games 2025

French and European NBA fans will be doubly spoiled in 2025. Indeed, the San Antonio Spurs and the Indiana Pacers will play not one but two regular-season games! After the success of previous NBA Paris Games, we can expect unprecedented enthusiasm next January with Wemby’s presence. The NBA Paris Games 2025 will take place on January 23 and 25 at the Accor Arena in Bercy.

The All-Star Weekend: A Key Event in the NBA 2025 Schedule

After the 2024 edition in Indianapolis, the NBA will head to the West Coast in 2025 for the All-Star Break. San Francisco has been chosen to host the NBA All-Star Weekend 2025. This basketball event is a highlight of the NBA 2025 schedule! It will take place from February 14 to 16, 2025, in California. The best players will play a spectacular game. Many activities will be on the agenda! Beyond the Sunday night All-Star Game, the best rookies (first-year players) and sophomores (second-year players) will face off on Friday night in the Rising Stars Challenge. Saturday is dedicated to media day and an open All-Stars practice, followed by various contests (three-point, dunk, skills, etc.) in the evening.

NBA Playoffs 2025

The 2025 NBA playoffs will likely start around April 15-20, when the regular season typically ends. The 16 qualified teams will compete for the NBA 2025 championship. Each game will be crucial in these series, where the winner is the first team to win four games. In recent years, it is rare for the regular-season leader to win the NBA playoffs. Surprises are common! This unpredictability makes the postseason exciting in American sports.

NBA Finals 2025: The Final Point of the 2024-2025 NBA Schedule

Every year in June, the Finals award the NBA championship title to the winner of the conference finals. The NBA Finals usually start around June 5. All eyes are on this event, which beautifully concludes the season.

Other Events in the NBA 2025 Schedule

Several slightly less high-profile events are part of the NBA 2025 schedule. Here they are.

NBA Draft 2025

The annual highlight of American basketball, the NBA draft allows new players aged 19 to 23 to join the league every year. Each NBA team has two draft picks per edition. However, it is common for teams to trade their draft rights, especially in NBA trades. These are usually numerous on draft night. If they haven’t made trades, non-playoff teams are guaranteed to select in the Top 14. The order is determined by the NBA Draft Lottery, held in May in Chicago during the NBA Draft Combine. Teams with the worst regular-season records have the best mathematical chances of selecting in the Top 5. This system aims to strengthen the weaker teams and redistribute talent in the medium term. Since 2024, the NBA draft takes place over two days.

NBA Summer League 2025

Every summer in July, the NBA heads to Las Vegas for about ten days. The league organizes a summer tournament where all 30 franchises are invited. Each builds a roster around their newly drafted rookies and players coming off their first NBA season. There are also players from abroad whose rights are held or not by the franchises if they sign an NBA contract. Athletes who have signed or are seeking a two-way contract also participate. The NBA Summer League is thus a showcase for players, many of whom play for their future. For NBA teams, the Summer League is a testing ground. For fans, it offers an opportunity to see some emerging talents at an affordable price.

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