Three-point shot interview with Jared Newson

Jared Newson 3ptshot


After the AS Monaco shooting guard Jamal Shuler, american forward Jared Newson is the second professional basketball player to answer the Three-Point Shot specific interview. Thanks to him for the support.

What represents the three-point shot for you?
Well since I’ve been shooting the three at over 40% since I’ve been in France, the three point shot means a lay up lol.

Do you remember when and where did you made your first three-point shot?
Man good question. I don’t actually remember.

What is a perfect three-point shot for you?
The transition three. Bring it up on the break, pull up, let it fly.

As a professional basketball player, do you work every day on your three-point shot?
Maybe not the three everyday but on shooting yes.

How many three-point shot did you ever made in a row?
24 in a row and a game I went 7/7.

What is the greatest or most important three-point shot that you had ever made?
The game winning three with .6 seconds in Finland finals to take us to a deciding game 7.

What is your feeling when you score a three-point shot?
Like cashing a check. Money.

What is your favorite move to celebrate a three-point shot made?
Three fingers to the head like Carmelo Anthony.

Jared newson


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